Vigilant Eye© is a dedicated video surveillance system for automatic real time detection of saliency in a crowded environment, i.e. fan stands in a football stadium. Its capture display of security relevant situations works with the following unique advantages:

> Simultaneous surveillance to effectively spot the disturbance area within the entire stadium.
> Early detection and quick response to situations that might spark riots and lead to panic within the stadium.
> Complete privacy of the general public is maintained throughout the stadium at all times with recorded detail used solely for potentially dangerous situations.
> No biometric or identity data is required for our system to function on its own.
> Less personnel is needed to simultaneously observe the entire Stadium.
> A seamless design allows easy integration of all new components and customization into existing camera infrastructures.
> High security surveillance at full capacity stadiums assures the safety of your visitors and gives you the clear advantage over other large event organizers.

Click to see demos of detected salient situations in the stadium:
Brawl.swf / Reporter.swf / Cyclist.swf