Advanced Video Analytics Software Solutions for Everybody

Our vision is an online world where people can find any video analytics tool they are searching for.

Lynceus Visual Technologies was founded in 2010. Our core technology is video analytics software. We have built Vigilant Eye© – a system that can learn from visual input and automatically detect any unusual – salient - deviation from the learned model.

Saliency is a measure of novelty. Salient situations may occur everywhere and at any time. Detection of salient situation is a major task of video surveillance. Thanks to its self-learning capability Vigilant Eye© can automatically detect salient situations for different surveillance applications.

While developing video analytics software we have noticed a gap in the video analytics market place. Whereas developers of video analytics have no easy access to user specifications, end users have no platform to specify their requirements and to select video analytics software. The idea of blepo – an online market place for video analytics solutions was born.

At blepo everyone can post his requests and receive video analytics solutions tailored to his needs. The first prototype of the blepo marketplace was created in 2014. EU funding was awarded in 2015 to build a repository of video analytics tools for video content producers.

Our Products


Blepo is a marketplace for video analytics software. It allows developers to upload their video analytics software while giving users the ability to test the applications directly against their own videos.

Vigilant Eye

Vigilant Eye© is a dedicated video surveillance system for automatic real time detection of saliency in a crowded environment.


ProCAMS - Promoting Creativeness in Augmented Video Services - is a project partially funded by the European Commission. ProCAMS is aimed at developing new video content and distribution of advanced video analytics software. The ultimate goal is a more ubiquitous use of video analytics software in yet untapped fields.